ifs³ Engineering

Our engineers (using Agile & Scrum) are able to engineer new ICT and IoT solutions for any automation needs and we deliver optimized turn key ICT cloud solutions to you.

To automate customer specific processes, we like to use NGiNXDockerMicrosoft PowerShell or Linux/Unix scripting technics combined with standard Web-Technologies based on HTML5 using JavaScript with AngularJS and Node.js plus YAML 1.2 (a superset of JSON) or WordPress based on PHP plus MySQL/MariaDB and C/C++ using Oracle PL/SQL. Using Web-Technology with HTML5 (supported from all actual web-browsers), we also like to use MIT Processing / Processing.js (using standard WebGL and JavaScript).

This demo calculates locally, inside your web-browser,
using HTML5 + JavaScript only.

With this actual and powerfully web-technology now large scalablehighly dynamic and also full interactive WebApps and 2D+3D-Graphics are possible just using your web-browser.


Tableau Online is an other impressive WebApp designed for realtime analytics and BigData.

We also have knowledge about client/server application developments with C, C++Microsoft C#, JavaGoogle Go and Apple Swift or with special save or defence applications engineered in PascalDelphiModula-2Modula-3 or Ada.