About ifs³

ifs3-final-tifs³ Consulting is based in Switzerland and focused on innovations in modern ICT, IoT and hybrid cloud solutions, designs and achritecture, enabling the speed and agility into projects, systems and services for your business needs. We think beyond traditional ICT frameworks to accelerate your success.

Let’s get started; we are thrilled to work on clever solutions to support your business.

Our IT experts define, plan, build and test high available and high scalable private, public and hybrid cloud systems for and with you. We use proofed architecture designs to build next generation datacenter systems and cloud environments.

We do professional ICT project management and work with all mayor technology and business partners to provide global services and support. We like to define and build ICT services and solutions to match with your business needs.

Our engineers are able to define, calculate, plan and build optimized ICT system and solutions, which perfectly match with your systems and business requirements. We are able to engineer new IoT solutions for any automation needs and we deliver optimized turn key ICT cloud solutions to you.

We are now also able to deliver complex technical 3D-Designs, to automate and fabricate 100% precise professional 3D-parts, which might be important for your agile business strategy.

Email: info@ifs³.com